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Chapter 2: Cubby

<<<Chapter 1: Zoe<<<

(Introducing Cubby…)


He went round and round – not because he was chasing his tail, but because there was no space for him to do anything else. He was at the bottom of a vertical shaft that was no more than two feet in diameter. Right in the middle of it was a puddle of dirty water. It had rained last night.


Chapter 2 - Cubby Falls into a Thirty Feet deep hole - Bobby's Hideout - Bobby Elhans.

Cubby tried to figure out the place. The circular dirt wall went up and above his small frame, until it opened up to show a small circle of the gray sky.

When he had fallen, he had yelped. Not deliberately. A thirty-feet fall could make a grown-up yelp like a pup – and Cubby was indeed a pup.

Later, he had barked and even howled. Terriers weren’t the best in the howling department, yet he had tried.

Nothing had worked.

They were gone. They had left him behind.

But Cubby couldn’t fault them with it, could he?

He had jumped out of the trailer when they had stopped the car by the side of the road. Mom wanted to take a picture for her blog and dad had popped the hood to check the coolant in the engine. Cubby had jumped out of the trailer, so that he could stretch his limbs.

OK. He was lying.

In fact, he had stolen that stretching-the-limbs expression from a TV Grandma whose name he couldn’t remember. Truth be told, he had spotted a squirrel and he wanted to chase it.

By the time he had turned back, the car was gone!

At first, he thought that chasing the car wouldn’t be a big deal, but after running a couple of miles, he had realized that he was wrong. There was a huge difference between the power packed by a 75 HP engine and a 0.5 DP dog.

For the first time in his life, he felt miserable and hungry – but he was an optimistic and resourceful pup. He saw some rats and geckos and his vermin-hunting genes kicked in. An hour of hunting was followed by a sumptuous dinner. That had made him smug.

He could survive on his own, couldn’t he?

He didn’t need those humans, did he?

His thoughts had rudely interrupted by the ground beneath him that gave way and sent him tumbling into a dark hole in the ground.

Now, almost thirty feet below the surface, sitting tight against the dirt-wall, Cubby reflected upon the last two days.

In his litter, he was the last to be adopted. The emotional bond that he shared with his adoptive family was minimal. There was a strong chance that his absence would be discovered only after they reached the motel where they had booked themselves a room for the night. So, even if they did come looking for him, it won’t be until tomorrow.

If they came looking for him?

It was a big “if” that appeared to be to a gigantic, impossible to solve “IF” to three-month old Lakeland terrier pup, who could do nothing but wait for fate to take its course.

Cubby coiled himself up, rested his chin upon his front paws, and sighed.

——— ¤¤¤ ———

Somewhere else in the woods, an eleven-year old boy opened an old leather-bound notebook that had once belonged to his father.

>>>Chapter 3: The Nameless Boy and the Cave that Wasn’t (Part I)>>>


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From the Hideout – Finally, a formula that calculates the Cuteness of your Dog!

 “Chapter 2: Cubby” is coming up tomorrow.

Today, I intend to share this awesome formula with you. I’ve been working on this since last evening. If you’ve read this, you know that down here, I am forced to find innovative ways to keep myself occupied. One would expect my temporary subterranean abode to at least tempt the mice, but they too have kept away. I think that the canine smell on my clothes must have worked as some kind of vermin-repellent.

Without meandering any more, let me come to the crux of the canine-cuteness matter.

Here’s the formula.

Cc = (The sum of the values of the positive traits of your dog)/(The sum of the values of the negative traits of your dog)
If a trait exists in your dog, provide a value of 1. If it doesn’t, provide a value of 0.

Here’s the list of the five positive traits that make up the numerator.

  1. Innocence
  2. Playfulness
  3. Loyalty
  4. Love
  5. A round knobby nose

And the five negative traits that add up to form the denominator are as follows.

  1. Evil
  2. Revengefulness
  3. Hatred
  4. Duplicity
  5. A devilishly pointy, trifurcated tail

Sample Solution:
Here’s how I worked out the Cute-ness of my dog to be “infinity.”

How to calculate the cuteness of your dog - the secret formula - bobby elhans

If you have a canine family member, use this formula and see if you arrive at a different result. If your answer is different from mine, I recommend you check whether your dog is actually an illegal immigrant from the feline world and has been living with you under an assumed canine identity.



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Chapter 1: Zoe

(Introducing Zoe…)

Zoe awoke with a start.

She took in the unfamiliar surroundings. Curled up in a hollow of a fallen tree trunk, all she could see from the opening in the trunk was a collage of green.


Chapter 1 - Zoe The Lost Labrador Pup Finds Shelter in a fallen tree-trunk - A Middle-grade superheroes adventure saga by Bobby Elhans

She pushed her snout out of the opening and sniffed the air. It smelled of wet dirt and mushy leaves. Nothing smelled like food. Her stomach grumbled. She hadn’t eaten for a long time. If she excluded licking that empty ice cream sconce, she hadn’t eaten anything for the last thirty-six hours.

Her stomach grumbled. She ignored it.

Thirty-six hours ago, Zoe had run away from the only home she had known. She had done everything that’s expected of a good dog, and yet they had never really been a family to her. She loved them still, despite the flung shoes, the missed meals, the beatings that she didn’t deserve but got when she spoiled the rug because they hadn’t let her out for thirteen straight hours. If she were human, she would have hated them, but she was a dog and dogs loved their families, no matter what.

And yet, when they had left that gate open, she hadn’t been able to stop herself from exploring. Zoe was a year old – an adolescent and naturally curious about the world outside. She hadn’t strayed far, and had they come looking for her, they would have found her – but they hadn’t; and then curiosity had pushed her farther, until she had lost herself.

Deep within she knew that they wouldn’t come looking for her. The only family member who really cared for her was Johnny. But Johnny was three, and three-year old humans weren’t as smart as three-year old dogs. There was no way for him to find Zoe if his parents didn’t help, and she was sure that they won’t.
Sitting in the hollow, cold and hungry, Zoe missed home.

Things had never been worse.

“Woooooooooo,” she wailed, and then stopped. Someone was wailing back. That was odd.

“Woooooooooo….oooo,” she wailed again, and then perked up her ears to hear the other dog. She heard the voice. It sounded exactly like hers.

Zoe was a smart dog. She changed her howling pattern and tried again, and again.

After twenty or so tries, she understood. The voice that called back was an echo. The way she saw herself reflected in the mirror at home, for some reason she was hearing the reflection of her own voice. It must have something to do with the place.

That plunged her spirits into darkness once again.

She was alone here. There was nobody else, neither man nor dog. She was overcome by a strong wave of pain as she tried to change her position. Something wasn’t right with her left hind-leg.

She looked out of the hollow. There was no sign of any human anywhere. She could bark and howl all she wanted, but there was nobody who would hear her.

Zoe realized that fretting about the situation would only make it worse, so she squared her shoulders and considered her options.

——— ¤¤¤ ———

At exactly the same moment, about a mile away from Zoe, another pup was hurtling down a thirty-feet deep vertical shaft. 

>>>Chapter 2: Cubby>>>


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Beep…beep…Hello…hello…Anyone There?

Testing to see if the WordPress Blogging Equipment works in my hideout.

This place appears to be underground and the reception definitely isn’t what you get at the surface.

I must stay out of sight, hidden in this crummy little cabin, until the mission ends. So I could be stuck here for a very long time. Don’t ask me where I am; I was brought here blindfolded, so I have no idea where exactly I might be.

All I can see before me is a desk with a computer (yes – the one I am using right now,) a bunk bed, a door that leads to the toilet (I think,) and walls that are made of rough unfinished stone. You got it right. Stone. An excuse of a cupboard stands against the wall that’s directly opposite to my bed. Right next to the cupboard is another door, the one through which I had entered. They had removed the blindfold outside the door, so I know that there’s a four square feet antechamber outside.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why I am here – but I have a strong feeling that this may have something to do with them.


Yes. I’ll tell you everything that I know about them. Post by post, I’ll tell you their story. I’ll tell you how they became one of the most powerful avengers on the planet, and how they used their special skills to set things right.

I’ll tell you about their adventures, both small and big; and in my stories, I’ll leave certain clues. Some of you will find those clues – some will then use those clues to find me. I hope that you will – in case they forget about me, and leave me here to rot.


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