Beep…beep…Hello…hello…Anyone There?

25 Apr

Testing to see if the WordPress Blogging Equipment works in my hideout.

This place appears to be underground and the reception definitely isn’t what you get at the surface.

I must stay out of sight, hidden in this crummy little cabin, until the mission ends. So I could be stuck here for a very long time. Don’t ask me where I am; I was brought here blindfolded, so I have no idea where exactly I might be.

All I can see before me is a desk with a computer (yes – the one I am using right now,) a bunk bed, a door that leads to the toilet (I think,) and walls that are made of rough unfinished stone. You got it right. Stone. An excuse of a cupboard stands against the wall that’s directly opposite to my bed. Right next to the cupboard is another door, the one through which I had entered. They had removed the blindfold outside the door, so I know that there’s a four square feet antechamber outside.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why I am here – but I have a strong feeling that this may have something to do with them.


Yes. I’ll tell you everything that I know about them. Post by post, I’ll tell you their story. I’ll tell you how they became one of the most powerful avengers on the planet, and how they used their special skills to set things right.

I’ll tell you about their adventures, both small and big; and in my stories, I’ll leave certain clues. Some of you will find those clues – some will then use those clues to find me. I hope that you will – in case they forget about me, and leave me here to rot.


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