About the Hideout

The tagline of this blog describes me best.

I write what I see through the eyes of someone who never grew up; someone who is ten, or twelve, or sometimes, sixteen; but never above eighteen. I am someone who enjoys being there – trapped in that twilight zone of half wonder and half reality. What I see in the zone of wonder, I write when I zone into reality.

I live in a world of impossible things, because I believe that impossible is just something that hasn’t happened yet; and if push ever comes to shove, we were all capable of tackling the impossible. I talk to animals, collaborate with them; I time-travel; I wear super-hero costumes and fly out of the windows – and I do it all sitting at my desk.

I want to take you along on these fascinating adventures of mine and I lay down just one condition – you must be young.

If you are, click the “Follow” button; and I’ll pick you up before I leave for my next trip. The portal is located in the wall behind the garbage bin and the password is “transmogorification.” Commit it to memory. You never know when it may come in handy.


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